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 Spring 2015 Los Angeles Workshop

Be your own Story Producer

May 29, 2015

Spots extremely limited 

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What Is The Documentary Insider?

The Documentary InsiderInsider information and workshops for people who want to make great documentaries. 

You want to make a great documentary - the film you’ve been envisioning in your head. 

You have time and money at stake - so why not work with an experienced, intuitive, intelligent no-strings attached collaborator?

Stephanie Hubbard is an award winning documentary editor, writer and producer.  She created the Documentary Insider Blog and Workshops when she got angry at seeing filmmakers exhausted and broke after production - without what they needed to make the film they wanted.  Once she started teaching, she quickly recognized the value to filmmakers of having someone who knew the process from the point of view of an editor, but could communicate as an advisor rather than an employee.  

Since she has started working with filmmakers she has saved her Documentary Insider Workshop participants thousands of dollars on false starts, wasted shoots and weeks of editing looking to “discover” the story.  They have moved with confidence into their artistic process - capturing and creating the documentary they have dreamed about. 

The Documentary Insider. Clarity, Coaching, Creation. 

Get Clarity:  Know your story. Really know it inside and out.  Be able to adapt to it as you shoot. Or if you’ve been wading through years of footage - fall in love with it  again - right to the finish line.  

Get Coaching.  When you are really making art, it is hard to keep going sometimes.  It’s great to work with someone who’s been there themselves, and been there with a lot of other filmmakers going through the doubts and fears we all go through.  Build a community. Making a documentary is hard enough.  You don’t have to do it alone. 

Get Creation.  Be challenged to create the best possible film you can make. In the workshop you will be asked to go a little farther, be more original, tell the story the most amazing way it can be told. Additionally, you’ll get support and access to creative services to jump start your project. One stop shopping for archivists, sound mixers, camera people - you name it. 


“I’ve been working on my film alone for six years. In three sessions with Stephanie I am on track to make my Sundance deadline, I am energized and in love with my film again.”  Darryl R. “I’ve been thinking about my film for the last 9 years.  It’s been 4 months since I started working with Stephanie. We’ve started editing, and I’m about to wrap production.”  Harvey J.


3 Tips from a Freelancer's Widow

 Greetings freelancers.  I am a freelancer, and so was my husband.

Avoid this Common Problem of Documentary Filmmakers

This is #2 in my series on Psychology and Filmmaking 

So…One of the number one worst problems I’ve seen people run into on making a documentary project is…. Drum roll please… what did you guess?

The Psychology of Making Documentary #1

 After fifteen years editing and writing documentaries, then directing and story producing and teaching how to make them, I have now been earning a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and doing therapy as part of my training.

Resistance to Story...

 A year or so ago, I had someone who wanted to make a film hire me.  They were told they needed a writer.  Now this particular person was not a filmmaker, but he had already (at great expense) completed shooting in multiple far flung locations.  While I would ALWAYS recommend really working through your story BEFORE shooting in far flung locations - I was able to work with the material and interview the client about what sort of film they wanted - they wanted the classic: raise consciousness, make themselves look good and get into Sundance.

Story Structure Workshop Coming Up and Coverage of International Documentary Association Directing Master Class

 The International Documentary Association (IDA) just hosted it's first in a series of Master Classes designed to give filmmakers (and there were about 40 attending!) a venue for documentary masters to give insight into their work methods.  This Saturday, we heard Scott Hamilton Kennedy tell us his thoughts and experiences from the filmmaking trenches.  

Insider tips from Documentary Publicist Shawna Brakefield

Shawna Brakefield is founder and CEO of The Brakefield Company, a PR company that helps filmmakers get their movies out.  She’s always looking for angles on films to be able to book them, promote them, sell them, market and publicize them.   She is also a producer who makes documentaries.

 I saw her terrific panel at WestDoc and she agreed to share her insight with The Documentary Insider.  Here is her wisdom for YOU!!

Intensive Documentary Story Structure Workshop in Los Angeles January 26


You are invited to s apecial one day intensive workshop to hammer through your story structure. 

By the time we are done working together you will have an understanding of the key organic points leading to a transformation for a dynamic story structure.  

You will be able to apply these principles to character driven documentaries, essay documentaries and totally fun off the wall documentaries. 

New Ways to get Coaching and Story Consulting

 For those of you who don't know me, I am Stephanie Hubbard, an award winning documentary director, and long time award winning documentary editor.  I work with documentary filmmakers as a story consultant, teacher and coach.  

Stone & Setting: The Doc Insider teaches on video...

 Hey there all you documentary filmmakers!  

A fellow filmmaker interviewed me during his weekly session.  We were reaching a deeper clarity on the want and need of his subject as he is rounding the bend into his final assembly.  

I thought I'd share with you:

Please sign up now for 2014, there are limited spaces available. 

We have Intensives (come in for a full day)

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